Thursday, November 4, 2010

One More Day

It is just "one more day" those word can hold so much meaning. The birth of my first daughter was 7 years ago yesterday, however to so many people Nov. 3rd is just "one more day". November 3 will never be be just one more day for myself and my family.

However, I have been lately feeling the "one more day" blues. Today is one more day closer to pay day, one more day closer to another 3 exams I am taking in the next week. I think I should find a way to avoid that, while it may help to think of things as one more day closer to pay day, I get stuck in a funk trying to find the beautiful, happy things that surround me. I am going to be walking with my youngest daughter today to find leaves for a school project of hers. How I adore watching her explore and see her being intrigued by the world around her.

Today is also another day I woke up, I woke up to view my face in the mirror, I am NEVER happy with seeing my face in the mirror, and so many times I wish the mirror was never invented, and it doesn't help that my bedroom closet doors are MIRROR!! UGH!!! So now not only do I have to see face in the bathroom, but every now and again I have to view a full body image of myself...pure DREAD!!!

So this brings me to...the reason I started this blog. It is a challenge from a person I often refer to as my "sister" I don't have sisters, and god willing if I could choose one it would be her. She know everything about me, and sometimes I am positive knows more about me than I know myself. She knows exactly how to "push" all the right buttons to get me motivated. She often does not give herself enough credit on how much of a blessing she has been in my life. SO her challenge to me was to blog...not just a blog, but a blog to get me to start feeling "comfortable in my own skin".

My question to that statement is: Is anyone TRULY comfortable in their own skin, is it not human nature to find that one thing we do not like about our selves?! I want to see more public appreciation for women of all sizes, because for far to long I have felt the need to change WHO I am...the "chubby" girl. It is NOT me, it is the image of me that people do not like. They judge the book by its cover, if they would stop themselves, I am willing to bet that they may find someone far different in her.

So challenge to all, don't judge a book by the cover!!  I am now going to sign off, go outside and find some BEAUTIFUL fall leafs for my daughters school project tomorrow :)

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