Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kansas City Union Station

I LOVE this place. In the modern day we seem to rush by so quick buildings are becoming "up to date" and everyone seems to want to update their surroundings. The Union Station brings you back in time nearly the second you walk inside this place. It is magical, glorious and just breath-taking. Seems so odd to me that so long ago this place was buzzing with travelers and the only way to travel was by train. This place seems to dwarf people. If I could I really would spend an entire day in that place simply soaking in it's beauty, the beautiful architecture, the massive doorways, the amazing chandeliers and the most favorite part for me, the ceiling.

I have been having problems with my camera and in between shots it will read "Error 99, please turn the camera off and on again or take out and replace battery" so needless to say I couldn't take the time to do this with 3 kids anxiously awaiting visiting Science City, conveniently located in/near the Union Station. Hopefully I can go with out kids and with a properly functioning camera sometime.

This last photo is of a photo inside the Union Station back in the day, so the last 2 photos are of the same area, just a whole lot of time has passed between the 2. Amazing right?! If ever in the Kansas City area, I strongly encourage this to be on your list of places to visit!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My favorite time of the year is upon us

Spring!!! Who doesn't love spring, well ok don't answer that because I will tell you it is my son. My son has severe allergies to tree pollen. So along with beautiful new spring greens starting to sprout, my son gets swollen eyes, full body hives and asthma, poor kiddo. I still can't seem to contain my joy for this time of year, good bye brown, hello color!!!

So do what I want to do so badly, go out, walk smell the fresh air, look for the pops of color coming, at least in the Kansas City metro area showing up. When a bit more color comes out and I can escape the house, I plan on brining out that camera of mine and having a clicking good time!!