Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After a fun Summer comes an Update!

Summer was such a whirlwind of FUN!!! I love taking my kids to places to explore, to learn, and most importantly have a wonderful fun bonding experience. These are the years my kids are going to look back on and know that their life is beautiful, even under the worst of scenerios. Here are a few snapshots of over the summer, I must admit that many times I opted to leave behind the baggage (AKA camera) and focus on the here and now.

And now, Fall is going to be upon us soon, and that means those BEAUTIFUL, vibrant, colorful leaves that I find myself more and more attracted to each year that passes. Mother Nature is certainly a force to be reckoned with (both good and bad!) I know I will be bringing out the camera more to capture the colors of Autumn.

Love & Blessings to all :)

{PS...The end group of photos are edited with the help of a Photoshop Action set that I am THE PROUD OWNER OF....Bohemian Symphony Collection. I can see the difference and it is AMAZING to say the least. You can visit her page here, www.ohsoposhphotography.com check her out, I promise you will LOVE her, she is such an inspirational woman who prides herself in offering help to others. A trait I find highly admirable.}