Thursday, November 4, 2010

One More Day

It is just "one more day" those word can hold so much meaning. The birth of my first daughter was 7 years ago yesterday, however to so many people Nov. 3rd is just "one more day". November 3 will never be be just one more day for myself and my family.

However, I have been lately feeling the "one more day" blues. Today is one more day closer to pay day, one more day closer to another 3 exams I am taking in the next week. I think I should find a way to avoid that, while it may help to think of things as one more day closer to pay day, I get stuck in a funk trying to find the beautiful, happy things that surround me. I am going to be walking with my youngest daughter today to find leaves for a school project of hers. How I adore watching her explore and see her being intrigued by the world around her.

Today is also another day I woke up, I woke up to view my face in the mirror, I am NEVER happy with seeing my face in the mirror, and so many times I wish the mirror was never invented, and it doesn't help that my bedroom closet doors are MIRROR!! UGH!!! So now not only do I have to see face in the bathroom, but every now and again I have to view a full body image of myself...pure DREAD!!!

So this brings me to...the reason I started this blog. It is a challenge from a person I often refer to as my "sister" I don't have sisters, and god willing if I could choose one it would be her. She know everything about me, and sometimes I am positive knows more about me than I know myself. She knows exactly how to "push" all the right buttons to get me motivated. She often does not give herself enough credit on how much of a blessing she has been in my life. SO her challenge to me was to blog...not just a blog, but a blog to get me to start feeling "comfortable in my own skin".

My question to that statement is: Is anyone TRULY comfortable in their own skin, is it not human nature to find that one thing we do not like about our selves?! I want to see more public appreciation for women of all sizes, because for far to long I have felt the need to change WHO I am...the "chubby" girl. It is NOT me, it is the image of me that people do not like. They judge the book by its cover, if they would stop themselves, I am willing to bet that they may find someone far different in her.

So challenge to all, don't judge a book by the cover!!  I am now going to sign off, go outside and find some BEAUTIFUL fall leafs for my daughters school project tomorrow :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Whats in a Name?

The is something that screams "Angela" it is something that fits. I have a love for dragonflies, they are this beautiful, magnificent 4 winged insect that takes flight, they come in so many different sizes, shapes and the speed...have you ever tried to chase one, as they zoom through your hands, and around your head?!

My children, whom I am sure you will hear plenty of, have caught on that mommy LOVES dragonflies, if I don't spot them first, they are sure to excitedly tell me "momma, LOOK!! I found a dragonfly for you!" How I love being a mom, to watch them grow, and transform into beautful, caring, loving, amazing little individuals.

I am also a woman who often times wears her emotions on her sleeve, if there is ever a time you get to meet me, you will know exactly what I mean!

In the coming weeks I hope to share more about me, my concerns in life, the journey we are all