Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011 in Kansas City

Here we are the first day of February, and the biggest storm that many meteorologists claim to have seen. I coming from the Northern area of Iowa, it is not. It is a reminder of why I hate snow, I mean yes it is pretty, but the wind that makes it blow is not pretty, and the cold temps that snow requires is far from pretty. I always get excited for the first snow fall, but any additional snow...forget it!! Schools cancelled classes for today last night and already have cancelled school for tomorrow. The kids may enjoy their snow days now, but I don't think they will like any make-up days they have coming!

So for my friend in Little Rock who is only experiencing thunderstorms, these pictures were taken in the comfort of my garage, because I am too afraid I will ruin either my camera or my lens.


  1. These are great. They give me chills and I can hear the tires spinning in the snow.